Edition of graphic work, small format.

Art to share

The images you can see belong to the expansion of my ZINC POSTCARDS collection. There are three more postcards in the collection already known by the name Neighbourhood. Three new titles covering different series of my work.

As you will see, the size matches the size of an ordinary postcard, and so if you put it in an envelope, the postcard will be able to travel anywhere. The postcards can also be placed on a wooden support, flaunting their light. 

These small works of art consist of a three-coloured serigraph print edition on zinc plate. The metal of each of the plates has been individually treated and the colours have been modified, thus giving each postcard its own unique expression.

The edition consists of 65 items and 7 artist’s proofs

The printing typification, the number and the signature are specified on the back of the plate.

The postcards are priced at 68 € each.


If you are interested in the creative process of this work of art, you can find more information in the following link: Zink postcards creation.